Why AidCall247?

24-7 Monitoring

24-7 Monitoring

Immediate Response

Immediate Response

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

Free Next Day Delivery

Free Next Day Delivery

With many companies offering personal alarm systems, you need to choose the best unit and company right for your needs. At AidCall247 we are proud of the service we deliver and ensure to go that extra mile so you feel completely safe in your own home.

As the UK's only digital telecare system, our service goes above and beyond to ensure you are worry-free. Being digital means so much more than just delivering high tech! It means we can offer services that aren't available from any other telecare provider.

We have helped thousands of people live independently in their own homes, giving families peace of mind.

At AidCall247 we encourage our customers to ring the alarm if ever they feel unsafe. We don’t want our service to be seen as just an ambulance service. AidCall247 can also be used if you hear a disturbance and feel unsafe at any point. Simply press the button and we will assist. We are there for you when others can't be.

What Makes Us Different?

Unique ‘I’m Ok’ check in feature

Automatic movement detector add on feature

 Extremely sensitive microphone- heard from another room

Hourly digital check in to ensure device is working and connected

Medical records on file so we know how to respond

We are the UK’s first fully digital telecare system. This means that not only do you get fast and unparalleled connection to our call centre, but you are 100% extra safe with our safeguarding measures in place.

Most other companies use the call unit in place but they connect to your house phone instead of your unit. This isn’t practical, particularly if you’ve had a fall. The AidCall247 system will call you through the set.

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FeaturesAidCall247 BroadbandAidCall247 Mobile SimOther Carephone Units
Phone line required to use
Battery backup in case of powercut or accidental unplug
10 second pick up time*
I'm OK daily check in
Hourly system check
Talk direct to the base unit
Extremely sensitive microphone - can be heard from another room
Up to date medical records

Our Service

Superfast connection time

Digital means we can detect if pendant battery is running low or unit is unplugged

Monthly test calls with you to update medical information

As the AidCall247 telecare system is fully digital, it means we can offer an unrivalled service. Instead of you trying to remember to test the unit monthly, we do this for you. We call the unit and test it with you to ensure everything is working correctly.

We also update any information regarding your medication and health, so our systems are kept up to date. This means that in case of an emergency, all your health details are given to the emergency services before you arrive.

The digital system also means we get hourly updates sent to our systems so we are aware of the condition of the unit. For example, if the unit was unplugged, the AidCall247 team are notified and we will call the unit to remind you to plug this back in and check you are okay.

Peace of mind for you and your family

AidCall247 have a dedicated 24/7 response centre. We are here for you, no matter how big or small the emergency might seem, so you have complete peace of mind.

If you hear something that’s not quite right, feel anxious or worried about your safety or don’t feel well, press the button and we will answer. We are there to help you.

We will also test your device once a month with you to ensure everything is working properly, by giving you a call and requesting you to press either the red button on the device or on your wearable waterproof pendant.
More importantly, to verify whether any of your important information needs to be updated.

Not just for the emergency services…

We don’t want you to see our service as just an ambulance service. AidCall247 can also be used in the following scenarios;

• If you hear a noise outside in the middle of the night, and you're not sure what it could be. Press the button and get us on the line

• If you're laying in bed at night, and you just don’t feel 100%, press the button and get us on the line. We can stay on the line with you until you feel better. But, don’t wait until it’s too late.

• If you have a slip and fall, don’t try to move. Simply press the button and ask for assistance. If you feel you may not need the ambulance, still call as we can get in touch with a keyholder.

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AidCall247 is used by thousands of our customers across the UK. We help people live more independently in their own homes.

Here is what some of them have to say about us!