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Digital vs Analogue Telecare

Did you know that from 2025 traditional analogue phone lines are being "switched off" and will be fully digital?

Why is this? Well it’s partly to do with cost to Telecoms Companies, in that the technology for analogue phone lines, namely copper lines running underground, is as old as when it was first invented in the Victorian era. The costs of maintaining these lines increases, whilst at the same time, better, more reliable, technology exists for making calls and sending data.

AidCall247 -The UK's First All Digital Telecare Network

Advantages of Digital

AidCall247 are the first provider in the UK to offer a fully digital system. Not only does this offer superior sound and connection quality, but it allows you to future proof your home and independence. AidCall247 offers a quicker response time to our contact centre, clearer communication through the device and instant notifications of any issue related failures like loss of signal, or the device being unplugged from the power.

AidCall unit
Connection Check

Connection Check

The unit will automatically check in with us every hour to make sure you are connected and that your device is fully operational.

Easy Upgrades

Should you or your loved one's situation change, you can easily add additional services to your plan. This includes extras such as a fall detector button, "I’m OK" check in, or even an automatic passive monitoring sensor- something you cannot do with an analogue line.

Battery Low

Pendant Battery Low Notification. The system will be notified, when your pendant battery starts running low. So that we can arrange to replace the battery before it dies.

Power Loss

Should your device be removed from the mains of the house and not be plugged back in within 3-hour period. AidCall247 will be notified immediately. This will allow us to pick up on the fault long before your battery back-up runs low.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

AidCall247 have a dedicated 24/7 response centre. We are here for you, no matter how big or small the emergency might seem.

We will also test your device once a month with you to ensure everything is working properly, by giving you a call and requesting you to press either the red button on the device or on your wearable waterproof pendant.

More importantly, to verify whether any of your important information needs to be updated.

Now, we don’t want you to see our service as just an ambulance service. AidCall247 can also be used in the following scenarios-

  • If you hear a noise outside in the middle of the night, and you're not sure what it could be. Press the button and get us on the line
  • If you're lying in bed at night, and you just don’t feel 100%, press the button and get us on the line. We can stay on the line with you, until you feel better. But, don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • If you have a slip and fall, don’t try to move. Simply press the button and ask for assistance.