A personal alarm without a landline uses a wireless transmitter to ensure maximum security for people living alone.

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    Every minute of every day, telecare services help support the safety and independence of over 1.7 million vulnerable people in the UK.

    But, by 2025 all UK analogue telephone services will be switched off and replaced by Digital connections without a telephone line.

    As UK telecommunications shift from analogue to digital it’s essential to opt for a future-proofed personal alarm without landline.

    This will not only help to maintain your loved one’s independence. It will also ensure they can stay safe in the home they love for longer but give you peace of mind too.

    How does a Personal Alarm without landline work?

    A personal alarm without a landline uses a wireless transmitter to ensure maximum security for people living alone.

    The wireless transmitter on the personal alarm establishes a voice connection between the person requiring assistance and the call receiver, to provide them with help.

    When you press the pendant’s emergency button, the cloud-based alarm system calls the 24-hour team. This is done via a wireless transmitter in the alarm base unit instead of using a telephone landline.

    This means the Personal Alarm can be used by customers without a telephone. Or alternatively, for those who would prefer to put the alarm base unit somewhere without a telephone socket.

    Which Personal Alarm Without Landline Is Best

    No landline, no problem

    The personal alarm clips discreetly around the neck as a pendant or on the wrist as a bracelet.

    Once activated the alarm base unit quickly connects to our Emergency Response Call Centre.

    The Emergency Response team will know who the alarm user is as well as where they are calling from. Plus, they will have access to any medical information shared with us.

    The friendly, caring team will speak with the alarm user over the alarm speaker. They will then call the user’s emergency contacts or the emergency services if required.

    Advantages of AidCall247 Personal Alarm Without Landline

    AidCall247’s innovative technological features can safely monitor you or your loved ones unobtrusively. This ensures your or their safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The AidCall247 care phone and pendant uses a cloud-based fully digital interface. This offers many additional state-of-the-art features like:

    Pendant Battery Low notification -We will alert you when your pendant battery needs replacing before it dies

    Unit Battery Low notification -Should your Care phone be unplugged from power or need replacing, we will notify you

    Pendant Lost notification – Should the pendant not be in range of the Care Phone within 72 hours, we will know

    Our service levels are designed to suit you. Either buy online or better still talk to us and let us know what you need. We can then advise on what is the best solution for you.

    We can also come and install and give you full instructions on getting the best out of your AidCall247 service.

    Depending on the service you require we can tell if you have fallen and can check up on you and make sure you are OK.

    Aidcall247 also offers passive monitoring which tells us if you aren’t moving around your home as normal.

    Our service can set reminders too for you to take medications.

    Also there is a pre-set interactive button to tell us you’re OK, daily, weekly or anytime.

    Our digital hardware can be monitored remotely too. So, if there are any upgrades or setting changes needed we can adjust it all without having to physically attend the unit.

    Who would benefit from a Personal Alarm Without Landline?

    A personal alarm without landline can help anybody to feel safer, more secure, and independent in their own home. The service would be particularly beneficial for people who:

    • Live alone or are frequently left alone
    • Have fallen and cannot get up
    • Are housebound or have a need to contact medical or emergency services urgently
    • Don’t have access to a Landline
    Who could benefit from a personal alarm for the elderly?

    Don’t let having no landline affect your loved one’s ability to stay living independently.

    Our life-saving personal alarm service helps you or your loved ones remain independent in the home they love. Safe in the knowledge that help is just the touch of a button away

    What’s more, you may not need to pay VAT on your order.

    The alarm is really easy to set up and use. Perfect for customers who don’t have a telephone landline in their home because it uses a wireless transmitter.

    If you would like to talk to us about the best personal Alarm Without Landline package for you, please call our team on 0800 064 0650 today.

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