The AidCall247 Pendant alarm can help those who live alone to feel safe at home by providing contact to someone who can help in case of an emergency.

What is a Pendant Alarm
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    What is a Pendant Alarm?

    A Pendant alarm is a device that you keep close to yourself. In case of an emergency, you can activate it by pressing the button in the middle in case of an emergency. Once activated the team at AidCall247 is alerted to check you or your loved ones are OK and alert you, or any other keyholder.

    A pendant alarm can be worn in 3 ways:

    • As a pendant (most common)
    • Flexible wristband
    • Attached to clothing


    Is a Pendant Alarm easy to use?

    Even if you’re not very confident with technology, this device is designed to be very simple to understand and easy to use.

    In an emergency simply press the button on the pendant alarm, and you will be immediately connected to our 24- hour help centre.

    Plus, our clever technology tells us who is calling, giving us immediate access to all health details and contact details.

    We then speak with you through the care phone which has a very powerful microphone and speaker. Finally, we will contact family/friends or the emergency services to come to your assistance.

    Who would benefit from a Pendant Alarm?

    A variety of people could benefit from installing the AidCall247 Pendant Alarm in their home:

    •  The elderly
    •  People who have physical disabilities
    •  Those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s
    •  People who suffer from mobility problems
    •  Loved ones of all the above

    What are the advantages of a Pendant Alarm?

    Did you know? There are an estimated 1.7 million telecare users in the UK.

    A pendant alarm is an incredibly popular choice for elderly or disabled people who live alone.

    Not only does it provide peace of mind for the user, but above all gives loved one’s reassurance too. No matter the time of day, help is at hand with the simple touch of a button.

    What other options are available?

    Fall Detector Wrist Strap

    If you are unable to press your pendant the fall sensor will detect when you take a fall and automatically contact our care team within seconds.

    Motion Sensor

    This sits discretely in the room of your choice. Once programmed it will detect when you pass the sensor at an agreed time of the day. If you haven’t, we will contact you, via your Care phone, to check you are OK and if you require, contact emergency services.

    Ask the experts

    In sum, the friendly team at AidCall247 provide a reassuring, personalised service 24 hours a day every day of the year, helping thousands of people stay safe in their home for longer.

    To order your personal alarm call today on 0800 064 0650.

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