As you’ll discover, there is a wide range of help and support available to help you find the solution that is right for you and your loved one.

Help your loved one live independently
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    It can be a concerning time trying to balance their understandable need for independence with your desire to keep them safe. This post covers everything you need to know about AidCall247 personal alarms. From how to choose the best one for your needs, to the financial support that might be available to you.

    How The AidCall247 Personal Alarm Service Works

    The CarePhone
    The system consists of an advanced but easy to use Carephone device and a personal transmitter that can either be worn as a pendant, flexible wristband or attached to your clothing.
    The AidCall Personal Alarm transmitter is set up so that when the button is pressed, our experts are alerted and are on hand to check your loved ones are alright and alert you, another relative or a neighbour.

    The AidCare team will work out how best to support your relative, whether that’s getting them back in their chair with a cup of tea or calling for a doctor. Even if your loved one can’t speak or is in the garden, the friendly Control Centre Operators will still do everything they can to make sure your relative is okay.

    Elderly relative living on their own

    Other AidCall247 Safety Options

    Fall Detector Wrist Strap
    If your loved one falls and is unable to press their pendant, the fall sensor detects when you take a fall and automatically contacts our care team within seconds.

    Motion Detector
    This sits discretely in the room of your choice. It works by installing a discreet sensor around your relative’s home that automatically signals you that they are up and safe.

    Once programmed it will detect if your loved one has passed the sensor at an agreed time of the day. If they haven’t, we will contact your loved one, via their carephone, to check they are OK and if required contact you or emergency services.

    I’m OK button
    ‘Don’t worry, I’m okay,’ are the reassuring words we want to hear from our loved ones. But sometimes it’s time-consuming and intrusive to keep asking if our family are alright.

    With the “I’m OK” button service, your loved one simply presses a button to confirm they are okay. You can control how often you want this to happen – most people opt for a morning and evening check. The check-in takes seconds. In the event that they don’t check in, they’ll be contacted and if there’s still no response, you or your chosen contact will be informed.

    Protecting loved ones

    “It helped my 86-year-old mother yesterday, when she fell and broke her hip. She lives on her own, but was able to call an ambulance.” Linda

    How much does an AidCall247 Personal alarm cost?

    We realise that, even though you can’t put a price on your loved one’s well-being, cost is always a necessary consideration. The price of a personal alarm for the elderly varies dependent on a number of variables including:

    • Whether you would prefer to pay monthly or annually
    • The care package you opt for
    • If you would like set up to be included

    From just £14.99 per month you or a loved one can continue to enjoy independent living with complete peace of mind. Find out more about pricing by clicking here. To find out about package options to suit you call 0800 064 0650.

    Will I need to pay VAT on a personal alarm for the elderly?
    If the person requiring a personal alarm meets any of the following criteria, they will be eligible for VAT relief:

    • A physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities
    • you have a condition such as diabetes or arthritis
    • You’re terminally ill

    Take the next steps to protect your loved one today

    Here at AidCall, we’ve been helping people live independently in their own homes since 1987.

    Our friendly, expert staff provide a reassuring, personalised service 24 hours a day. To find out more, or order a Care package for your loved one, call today on 0800 064 0650.

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