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24 Hour Emergency Assistance

AidCall247 offers the most advanced telecare system in the UK, making living alone and independently a safer option. Our personal alarms have 24-hour emergency assistance with the ability to call a loved one or friend to alert them of any situation.

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Live Independently In Your Home

As we age we strive to live independently in our own homes and in turn, we want those we love to enjoy a safe and content quality of life in their later years. AidCall247 makes living alone and living independently a safer option.

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What Happens If I Need Help?

In an emergency simply press the button on the wristband or pendant and you will be immediately connected to our 24hr help centre. Our clever technology tells us who is calling, giving us immediate access to all health details and contact details. We speak with you through the carephone which has a very powerful microphone and speaker and will contact family/friends or the emergency services to come to your assistance.